Uncle Sherwin’s Gift

A week ago a crew of volunteers showed up on the doorstep of the Mental Health Association in Greensboro. They came with paint trays, brushes, rollers, and a can-do attitude. These good-hearted folks were Sherwin-Williams employees and their friends and family. Working with the Volunteer Center of Greensboro, they had arranged to paint three of our offices pro bono.

Displaying a laudable corporate philosophy

Thirteen people took part in the paint-a-thon, including a couple of eager children who got a firsthand lesson in giving back—and learned that a fully loaded paintbrush has a voluminous splatter arc. When MHAG’s paint supply ran low, the volunteers hurried out and bought new paint on their own dime. They didn’t have to—it was the Association’s responsibility to supply enough paint—but they did it because they were committed to getting the job done.

Hard at work
Really hard at work!

At lunchtime a tray of sandwiches appeared, along with bags of chips and bottled water. When asked who’d supplied the food, one of the volunteers said, “Uncle Sherwin purchased it.” She laughed. “That’s what we call Sherwin-Williams when we buy stuff.”

The Sherwin-Williams crew after finishing the job

Thanks, Uncle Sherwin, for giving us three beautifully painted offices and a hard-working crew of volunteers. Our offices, our lives, and the well-being of our clients are all the brighter for your generosity.

A peek into two of our newly painted offices

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