Journey to a New Home

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, according to Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu. In the case of the Mental Health Association in Greensboro, the journey to our new home began with about a thousand steps between our former office space at the Community Foundation building and our new digs at the Dorothy Bardolph Center at 301 East Washington St.


We’ve been ready for a change for while. Yes, the Community Foundation building was home for ten years, but it was in a basement (in realtor parlance, “garden level”), the carpets were stained, space was tight, it was off the beaten track, and the air was, well, damp.

When we learned that space was available at the Bardolph Center, we couldn’t think of a better place to move. The center was constructed expressly to house social service agencies. Its residents include Senior Resources, Alcohol and Drug Services, and Youth Focus. Quality folks, all. MHAG’s own mission of educating the community about mental health recovery and teaching people to manage their mental health challenges is right in line with the center’s heartfelt mission.

It took three weeks, a redesign of the new space, intensive painting, dedicated volunteers, three truckloads of stuff, and a whole lot of organizing, but MHAG moved lock, stock, and barrel into the Bardolph building between November 10 and 24. The move was not without its glitches (try three weeks without Internet or phone service!).

Office manager Jennifer McKeon greets visitors and takes calls

Office Manager Jennifer McKeon greets visitors and takes calls

Browsing the many brochures related to mental health

Browsing the many brochures related to mental health

Susan Ball, executive director of MHAG, is thrilled with the new place. “It’s bright and airy and more accessible,” she says. “Because we’re right by the Depot, transportation isn’t such an issue. People can get to us easily.”

Executive director Susan Ball loves the "airiness" of the new space

Executive Director Susan Ball loves the airiness of the new space

The biggest challenge now is letting people know that the Mental Health Association in Greensboro has moved. The office is in the back of the Dorothy Bardolph building, not exactly marked by blinking neon signs. But the sign on the door says it all:


Welcome, and come in!

Welcome, and come in!

MHAG staff are thrilled with their new environment. Their expressions provide the proof.

Murphy Sullivan, director of recovery initiatives

Murphy Sullivan, Associate Director

Christa Whitesell, director of aupport services, loves her light-filled office

Christa Whitesell, Director of Support Services, loves her light-filled office

Director of programs Myla Erwin in her new space

Director of Programs Myla Erwin in her new space

Accounting manager Jan Cooke enjoys her new office

Accounting Manager Jan Cooke crunches numbers in her office

Clients get to enjoy some pretty splendid benefits as well. The classroom, used for art, writing, cooking, wellness skills, and much more, is open and inviting.

The bright, light classroom

The bright, light classroom

For peer support sessions–one-on-one meetings between peers who have traveled their own recovery path, and individuals still struggling to find their way–an intimate room provides comfort and warmth.

A cozy office for peer support sessions

A cozy office for peer support sessions

Please stop by to see our hard work, to share our beautiful setting, and to take the first step in that thousand-mile journey.

MHAG office hours are Mon-Thurs 8:30-4:30; Fri 8:30-2:30. For more information, call 336.373.1402 or e-mail



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