The following story was contributed by  Stephanie, MHAG’s Director of Peer Support Services.

Before coming to Freedom House I dreaded seeing the sun stream through my bedroom window. Hopelessness was literally choking the life out of me daily. My addiction to prescription pills had become such a beast that I found functioning without medication impossible. Consequently, maintaining a job, household, and motherhood quickly became unmanageable. I had become mentally, physically, and spiritually bankrupt.

My family found Freedom House on the internet and urged me to fill out the application. After my admission to Freedom House, my outlook on life became extremely different. I am able to welcome the morning and thank God for another day to live in sobriety and freedom. My daughter and I have developed our relationship with Christ as well as with each other.

I learned so much through the curriculum that helped to repair and prepare me for a Christ-centered life. I am happy to say that because of the staff, volunteers, sponsors, and donors of Freedom House, I have hopes and dreams for my future and my daughter’s future.