The following is a profile of one of MHAG’s peers, Benny Phillips, written by MHAG staffer Julia.

Benny Phillips came into the Mental Health Association in Greensboro on January 5, 2016. He was homeless, in crisis and really had no idea what to do next.
After speaking to our staff, Benny decided that he needed to take advantage of our services and start his recovery journey. He began attending Wellness Academy classes and faithfully attending peer support sessions. As part of the recovery process, Benny worked with a Peer Support Specialist to set recovery goals and monitor his progress toward attaining them.
Not long after, Benny started meeting the first of many goals.
Over the last eight months, Benny has obtained housing, established a medical and mental health provider, purchased a vehicle, and become permanently established with full-time employment. We are so proud of his progress and continue to support him in maintaining his wellness.

Congratulations Benny!