Dear Readers,

When I started this blog my original intention was to post weekly, but I am starting a couple of new teaching jobs in August and balancing lesson planning and writing quality blog posts has gotten a little overwhelming. I hope to start posting weekly again in January once my jobs aren’t so new and exciting and terrifying. I will be back on Thursday, July 19 with something I hope you will enjoy. In the meantime, I would like to leave you with a couple of articles I recently read regarding summer and mental health. I also have a third article about high functioning depression, which is all too real for me right now. This particular article really normalized my current mental health status for me, which I found incredibly comforting.

“What Happens To Your Brain When You’re Dehydrated? The Results Can Be Kind Of Scary”

“Summer anxiety is real — and it has a lot to do with the scorching hot temps”

“9 Signs You Have High Functioning Depression, Because It Can Look Different To How You’d Imagine”